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Wrinkles and Discoloration

Fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration are a part of life. But sun and other environmental insults can often cause wrinkles, discoloration, and textural issues that make us appear older than we really are. Usually it’s one particular thing that bothers us when we look in the mirror: that scowl mark between our eyebrows, the brown spots on our nose, or the acne scars on our cheeks. It can be distracting and often troubling -- but there are things we can do to help restore our youthful appearance.

Slimming, Tightening, and Contouring

Sometimes, no matter how much we exercise and try to eat right, we’ll still have stubborn pockets of fat that simply won’t go away. Abdomens, arms, thighs and other body parts can become soft and flabby, and the skin saggy and less elastic. Facial features can droop, making us appear tired when we really aren’t. Even someone with a thin face can have loose skin under their chin, sometimes called "turkey neck." The good news is that there ARE non-surgical solutions!

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