Exilis Protégé Elite

​This new face and body contouring system is designed specifically to treat tissues safely and comfortably.

Exilis Protégé Elite is appropriate for all areas of the neck and face, as well as on the body in areas like arms and thighs. It can help reduce superficial wrinkles, improve skin laxity, and tighten and tone skin.

Protégé Elite works using radio frequency. The energy passes through the skin surface, heating deep tissue to a carefully regulated temperature. Heat from the Protégé Elite causes weak collagen to contract, firming the skin. It also stimulates the body’s natural collagen remodeling process, increasing the amount and strength of healthy collagen.

The ideal patient for this procedure is one that is looking for great results in small problem areas. There is no anesthesia, no pain and no down time. Many patients experience measurable improvement after just one treatment. However, to achieve the best possible result, a series of sessions is generally recommended. Between four and six treatments, scheduled five to ten days apart, is usually ideal.

Before & After