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Fraxel™ Color and Texture Correction

Fraxel Laser technology features a specialized, fractional approach that uses microscopic laser hits to create a unique wound pattern. This leave healthy skin cells alongside the cells that have been purposely damaged in order to stimulate regrowth. Healing goes faster, meaning very little downtime, with most patients returning to normal activities shortly after treatments.

Physicians like Dr. Castillo are researching the tremendous potential for Fraxel Laser treatments, with the hope that it may well be one of the first effective laser treatment for stretch marks. With the revised wounding process, fractional procedures like Fraxel and the High Def CO2 have taken the place of more abrasive procedures.

Fraxel Laser treatments will smooth fine lines and revitalize damaged skin, helping to correct color and textural concerns. A treatment program typically involves multiple sessions in order to achieve the desired results. While some textural results may not be noticeable immediately, the condition of the skin will dramatically improve as the sessions continue, and a more even skin tone will emerge.


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