Skin Imperfection and Spot Correction

Almost everyone has some variance in their own skin color, and M.D. Laser Studio has solutions!

Almost everyone has some variance in their own skin color. Often, an even skin tone can be achieved through a good skin care regimen, such as the Obagi program. But even with that, particular spots may be troublesome. Perhaps a birthmark, or a mole, or what many call age spots. Some of this is hereditary — and some of it develops over time. Exposure to the elements, especially sun, can damage the skin or aggravate existing conditions, like freckles. Regardless of why, the medical professionals at M.D. Laser Studio can help correct problems with skin pigmentation. Different conditions require different approaches. A thorough consultation will made to determine the proper course of treatment for specific issues. Photos will be taken before and after each procedure to track progress, with the goal of achieving smoother, clearer-looking, healthy skin.

Tiny red lines, sometimes called spider veins, can be quickly and easily eliminated. Brown spots can be treated individually, or as part of an overall tone correction. It is very important that a medical professional examine spots that may be of concern, such as irregular shapes and raised surfaces. Your health history will be considered, and if necessary, we will recommend further testing.

This is why ONLY medical professionals are trusted to recommend treatments at M.D. Laser Studio. Your health and well-being is foremost. Once everything considered, we will help you focus on that outer beauty.